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[Verses composed by Pasumarti Kodandapati at the instance of Kumara Yacama, son
of Yacama Nayaeju.]
When Davala Papa heard of the high-handed action
(of Yaca) in seizing the fort of Uttaramallur, he marched
against him at the head of an army of 40,000 foot, some
horses and elephants, accompanied by Damera Kari Cenna and
his forces. Yaca excited the admiration of Vira Venkataraya
by offering them battle with an army of only 300 kaijUam
and 4,000 other troops in which he killed Papa and took
Cenna prisoner (1).
Is it possible to estimate the greatness of Yaca? He
performed the coronation of Kamadevaraya. Having shone by
the support of his relations and friends, he quickly defeated
Makaraju and killed Jagga of Cengadu; he captured all the
lands and forts administered by the members of the Grobburi
family; vanquished the army of Krsnappa of Oenji in battle
and took him prisoner; he put Etiraja to flight near Palemkota,
and slew several other enemies. Yaca made the country
extending between the K.£§na and the Kaveri to the east of
Velur, the land of the Velamas (2),
Being served by the army of the karyakartas of Ramaraya
and Raghunatha Nayaka; the entire retinue of his brothers
Singa, Eayapa, and Ayyapa Nayaka; the troops of his relations
like Damera Kari Cenna and Ceruku Vengala; and the forces .
of friends like the faithful Ketireddi, Raghunatha and
Pavada Kysna, Yacama slew Grobburi Jagga in a battle at
Kokkarasupeta and put to flight the kings of Madura and Cenji
and other noblemen.
Mae. JSfw. 1&4-3, pp. 157 ff.
Kumara Rangappa, the eldest son of Yacama, won a victory
in battle over Cenji Madhava, Ceftji Krsnayya and Madhura
VatiiSitcaritra,  p. 10$.